Cresswind Community Fund Grants

Most organizations review grants twice a year or quarterly.

To better serve our Gainesville-Hall County community we review grants as they are submitted, then grant monthly or as the request is needed.

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Your generosity has enable the Board and the Grants Committee to make regular contributions to numerous organizations in Hall County. Thank you! Here are the total contributions since our beginning in 2017.

  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren – $55,596
  • Help The Hungry – $90,369
  • Medical Programs – $47,611
  • Cresswind Community – $21,017
  • Arts, Trans, Public Service, Other – $46,549
  • Below are some of the recipients of Grants you have made possible.

    Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

    GRG is a signature program of The Community Fund, granting funds as needed for emergencies and support to Hall County Seniors raising their grandchildren.

    Gainesville Housing Authority

    The Gainesville Housing Authority received $ 3000 to provide meals for 10 months to 8 – 15 residents each week.

    Cresswind Lake Lanier

    Cresswind received $3000 from the Fund to install two new AED Units.

    Quinlan Visual Arts Center

    Quinlan Arts Center received $1000 from the Fund for a Healing through the Arts Program.

    Good News Clinic

    The Good News Clinic received $3000 to support the Merck Pneumococcal Vaccination Program.

    The Community Council on Aging

    The Community Council on Aging received $3500 for Meals on Wheels and $500 for General Expenses.

    The Georgia Mountain Food Bank

    The Georgia Mountain Food Bank received $3000 for 12,553 senior meals.

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