Cresswind HOA and Community Fund  Bench Project

Scope:  The Cresswind HOA and Community Fund are jointly participating in a “Bench Project” for the community.  All funds for this project will come from the Cresswind Community Fund via their 1) General Fund, 2) “Bench Project” restricted funds, and 3) “Bench Sponsor” funds.

As an active community this project will hopefully promote exercising and socializing within the community by having benches strategically placed within the community.  Approximately 30+ locations have been identified as locations within the Community Common Areas to place benches(see map – white dots indicate locations available).  These locations are a close proximity of where they will go and flexibility will be given when the actual installation is done. A diagram of the benches can be seen here.

Project Contacts

How to Contribute: (Note: All contributions are tax deductible)

  • Credit Card: Click here to access the secure payment site:
  • Check: Send check to John Stevens or Gene Evans. Insert Bench Project in Memo field on check.

General Funds  –  The Community Fund has agreed to purchase 2 benches a year from their General Fund donations, which includes membership fees and general donations. 

Bench Project Restricted Funds  –  If you would like to donate up to $999 as a restricted gift please donate by check, credit card or PayPal and note this is a restricted gift to the “Bench Project”

Bench Sponsor  –  If you wish to donate $1,000 or more you will be considered a Bench Sponsor and will have a choice of where the bench will be located from the 30+ common area locations.  And you will have a choice of acceptable inscriptions,  inscriptions with one of 3 following wordings,
or no inscription:

  • Donated By …….
  • In Memory Of ……
  • In Honor Of ……

A “Bench Sponsor” contributor, will need to fill out a form noting the location inscription desired, attach a check to the form, and send to John Stevens or Gene Evans. The form can be downloaded here. 

How do Benches get Installed?

Benches will be ordered when funds equal to a minimum of 4 benches are available.    Lead times are normally 4-6 weeks.  They will be assembled and installed by Cresswind Community volunteers.acceptable

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