Cresswind LL Community Fund – Frequently Asked Questions 

 What is the Cresswind LL Community Fund (The Fund)?

The Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation formed by a group of Cresswind residents to enhance the lives of adults primarily 55 and older through charitable, educational and cultural opportunities in the greater Gainesville and Hall County areas. We accept and administer funds from members and other donors to award to select recipients through our grant application process. We engage in volunteer projects that benefit our immediate neighbors and peers in the area.

Meetings are held quarterly and all members are invited to attend. In addition to the Board of Directors, there are five committees: communications, fundraising, grant screening, membership and volunteers. Members are encouraged (but not required) to be actively involved in these groups.

Why should I become a member of The Fund?

Becoming a member enables you to participate in the governance of The Fund and its activities. Any donation makes you a member and are tax deductible. Membership helps to build personal fulfillment by participating in selecting community projects and organizations that use your skills or enable you to learn new ones. Members elect the Board of Directors and serve on committees that determine how funds are to be raised and select projects or individuals to support.

I already give to my favorite charities; why should I give to The Fund?

We do not want you to stop giving to your favorite charities. However, when you give to your favorite charities you simply write a check. As a member of The Fund you can have an active role in determining how contributions are distributed within the community. You can also have a greater impact by combining your gift to The Fund with those of the other Fund members.

“The power of many is stronger than the power of one.”

I am new to the area and I want to discover what agencies that serve my peers are in the greater Gainesville and Hall County area. Does The Fund have information about groups and projects in which I can participate?

Yes, the mission is to enhance the lives of adults primarily 55 and older.  The goals are not only to raise donations for The Fund but develop community partnerships and service projects. Studies show that not only is volunteering a good thing, it’s good for you because it encourages individual growth and enrichment, as well as contributes to those less fortunate in the greater Hall County community.

Currently the Board is actively supporting numerous foodbanks, veterans, Grandparents raising Grandchildren, medical organizations,  housing needs,  public safety organizations and more. We are always looking for new opportunities to help Hall County seniors.  

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