Monday, October 18, 2021
For Hall County Charities and First Responder Golf Day

Have a ‘Fund’ day playing golf with friends and neighbors at the beautiful Chattahoochee Country Club. Who would have thought that playing golf could do good for so many people? All proceeds are used to help people and organizations in Hall County in keeping with the Mission of the Cresswind LL Community Fund. Whether as a player, non-player or sponsor, there is a role for you. Click here for a summary of the event to print or distribute.

Click the ball to see all of the sponsors!

Player Registration:

Since the tournament is close, please register to be put on a wait list to play. We will contact you. Thank you.

Non-Player Donation for First Responder Free Golf Day:

Even if you do not play, you can contribute to the success of the program and fund Hall County First Responders including EMT, Gainesville Police and Fire Departments and Hall County Sheriff Departments to enjoy a day of golf. You select your level of support. All proceeds will go to pay the registration fee for First Responders. If you are a player, you can indicate your support on the Player Registration page above.

Sponsor Donation and Registration Details:

Please help Gainesville/Hall County seniors by becoming a sponsor of the Cresswind Community Fund. There are numerous opportunities for you to sponsor the 3RD ANNUAL SPIRIT OF CRESSWIND GOLF TOURNAMENT. To see the benefits of each level, click on this link. Use the form to pay by check or click on the green box to pay be credit card. If you have questions, send an email to golf@cwcfund.org

Please Note: Any COVID-19 restrictions which may apply at the time of the October 18th golf tournament will be adhered to.
Just a few of  the happy faces from the 2020 Golf Tournament 
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