Help Me Please (HMP) Personal Service Program

Watch the Crack Mailbox Restoration Team at work. Click on the full screen button for the full effect. You won’t want to miss it!

The Community Fund is reinstating Help Me Please (HMP) INDOOR services and projects.  Last April due to COVID 19 we suspended indoor projects and only did outdoor projects. Based on recent discussions with Cresswind residents, HMP volunteers who do the projects, and the Community Fund Board of Directors and Board Advisers, we will now start doing indoor services. We will follow Federal, State, Local government, and Cresswind HOA recommended guidelines. See the Indoor Projects requirement below.

Need help with some projects at Cresswind? We may have the solution!

HELP ME PLEASE is a service program sponsored by the Cresswind LL Community Fund through which residents submit requests for various tasks and other resident volunteers provide their time and talent to assist. Assignments are diverse and include:

  • Handyman – check smoke detector and replace batteries, change light bulbs, install ceiling fans, hang blinds or curtain rods, hang pictures, change AC filters, assemble or move furniture, minor plumbing issues, unpacking, install mirror clips
  • Geek – connect wireless networks, connect computer to internet, hook up stereo/TV
  • Outdoor – light yard work, garden planting & projects
  • Mailbox Renovation – includes grass trim at base, wash & dry, painting base, box, flag and numbers if needed

Request Help

ALL INDOOR AND OUTDOOR PROJECTS – READ AND AGREE:  Both the Cresswind resident recipient of work performed and  the Cresswind Help Me Please volunteer performing the work, will hold each other and the Cresswind LL Community Fund, Inc.  harmless from, and against any and all project related damages and  COVID 19  causes of action, claims, demands, losses, expenses or liability of any kind or nature, directly or indirectly resulting from the volunteer’s completion of a project.  

INDOOR PROJECTS – PLEASE READ AND AGREE:  The Help me Please Indoor Project volunteer before entering your home will confirm to you that he or she does not have COVID 19 or any of the commonly known symptoms as communicated by health authorities to the public.  You will confirm the same to the volunteer.  You will also mutually agree to maintain social distance and wear a face mask while the volunteer(s) is in your house.

  • Online – The most expedient way is to submit a request online by clicking here.
  • Paper – If necessary, you may download a paper form here.


Once the project is complete, residents are requested to make a tax deductible donation to the Cresswind LL Community Fund in honor of the volunteer who performed the service.  Please put HMP and the name of the person performing the service in the Donor Note section of the online donation form or the memo line of your check.

Volunteer to Help

Want to help your neighbor?  We need you to volunteer for any of the above or similar tasks!  Please let Help Me Please know if you would like to volunteer to help others and what you would like to do


Please contact Help Me Please if you have questions.


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